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HOW DOES IT WORK (Back to Search List)

"How Does It Work"? We get this question all the time. If we only had a nickel...lol. But, seriously, we understand and that's why at Nationwide Karaoke we try to keep it as simple as possible. You place the order, we deliver, you return. Our basic package includes machine, mics and music and you can add as much additional music as you like. Our system is ready to plug in to a TV (and/or sound system, if desired, but all you need is a TV - AV/PHONO/RCA - red, white, yellow) for on-screen lyrics and sound and the music is pre-loaded and/or reduced to just a few song cards (depending on music quantity ordered). We save you the cost of rental, deposit and delivery of a TV when virtually everyone owns one, if not several, and you can always pick one up for around $10-$15 bucks at your local Goodwill or Craigslist. (We save you $$$ by providing you with the essentials you need - the karaoke equipment.) Just plug and play. No set-up nor technical skills required - children and non-technical folks operate our rentals on their own all the time. We, of course, include instructions and are available to answer questions by email and phone.

Hopefully that gives you a brief overview of "How It Works". The rest of the answers on this page will further detail "How It Works"...

RENTALS (Back to Search List)

How Do I Rent Equipment? We keep it simple at Nationwide Karaoke! Just click here and follow the "How to Rent a Karaoke Machine" instructions. Simple as that!

What Does It Cost to Rent? At Nationwide Karaoke our prices are virtually unbeatable! Check out our current prices here.

How Long is the Rental? It can be as long as you like! Other companies rent to you by the hour, but at Nationwide Karaoke we provide our rentals for the WHOLE WEEKEND (or for multiple days during the week) for the one low price and if you need it early or want to keep it longer you can add as many Extra Days as you like! When available we will deliver our rental equipment the business day before your event date or the morning of the event date at the latest for FREE. If you would like to guarantee the equipment arrives the day before the event date or sooner you can add Extra Days under "Accessories". The rental is due for return shipment the day following your event date (MONDAY-SATURDAY - Sunday returns can be returned for shipment on Monday, if necessary). If you would like to keep the rental longer and avoid a late fee, you can add as many additional Extra Days as you like and save $15/day off the late fee as long as they are added prior to your event date. For example, if your event is on Saturday, we will generally get the rental equipment to you the Friday before for FREE and you ship it back the Monday following - that's 4 DAYS for the ONE LOW PRICE! If your event is Friday, we will generally get it to you Thursday for FREE and you return it for shipment Saturday, etc. If you want to guarantee the rental arrives by the day before your event date you can add Extra Days. If you need it tomorrow and you order before 2pEST, Monday-Friday, then we can generally have it there, no problem. If anyone can, Nationwide Karaoke can! We can even deliver on Saturdays when needed. See our Terms & Conditions for more information.

What Does the Rental System Include? Welcome to the New Millenium! Simple, compact and amazing! That’s what you get from Nationwide Karaoke! Complete with key, tempo, echo, volume control, 2 microphones and video lyrics. Uses standard AV/RCA/PHONO (Red, White & Yellow) connection and can be connected to virtually any TV, stereo and/or sound system. Click here to see all that is included.

Is the Rental System Easy to Use? At Nationwide Karaoke we provide rentals that virtually ANYONE can operate! Just plug and play. Easier than your TV remote, just scroll up or down, select the song you want on the screen and start singing. All the songs are built-in and ready to go. No CDs to mess with. It's so easy to use a child could do it (though we do always recommend parent supervision, of course ; ).

Are Instructions Included? Absolutely. Both the operating and return Instructions are included in the label pouch on the box, along with the return label, and at Nationwide Karaoke we are available to assist you by email and phone, as needed. Please, review our Terms & Conditions for more information.

Is the Rental System Easy to Transport? Everything's easy at Nationwide Karaoke! It weighs less than 3 pounds and could fit in a purse or glove compartment. How's that for compact and easy to transport?

Can I Use the Rental System Outside? Absolutely. Customers use our rentals outside all the time. Obviously, as with any electrical equipment, you will want to make sure it doesn't get wet or dirty, but if you want to rock the block or just your backyard that's fine with us. And, if you don't want to take your TV outside, you can often pick one up for around $20 bucks at your local thrift store or Craigslist.

Please, review
Terms & Conditions for more information.


Do I Get to Pick the Music? Absolutely! Other companies pre-load their systems with a bunch of music no one wants to sing, but at Nationwide Karaoke we let YOU pick the music so you get the music you WANT! We have HUNDREDS of collection and THOUSANDS of songs and we will even go and get the song for you from our distributors, a la carte, which other companies won't do for you. Nationwide Karaoke is always your best and only choice for karaoke music selection!

What Styles of Music Do You Offer? At Nationwide Karaoke we offer virtually ANY style you can think of! Click here to see them all.

Do the Songs Have a Guide Vocal Option? You betcha! Great question! Other companies only offer basic karaoke, but at Nationwide Karaoke we take it to the next level, whenever available, by adding a multiplex or guide vocal option to our karaoke music selections! This means you have the option to hear a professional singer singing the lead vocal of the song which can be turned on or off, as desired. This is a great additional feature that most don't offer and is a great reminder for how the song goes, provides another voice to sing along with, hide behind, etc. A great feature to have for all your guests!

Can I Make Special Song Requests? Absolutely! Other companies only have a limited supply of music, but at Nationwide Karaoke we will actually go outside of our current karaoke catalog of THOUSANDS of KARAOKE SONGS to our various karaoke distributors in order to provide the special karaoke song requests you desire, as available. You can add as many special song requests as you like!

Can the System Operate Like a DJ? You bet it can! Other companies only offer you a generic karaoke machine that sits there lifeless waiting for someone to get the guts to use it, but at Nationwide Karaoke our system is like a DJ out of the box ready to get your karaoke party going and keeps it going - the ultimate ice-breaker! If no one singing our karaoke DJ machine can play music automatically and randomly in the background by itself just like a DJ would. Since most of our songs provide a Guide Vocal option, it sounds just like regular DJ music. When someone hears a song they like and feel inspired they can jump on the microphone and take over as the star of the show!

What is the Quality of the Karaoke Music? The best available! Other companies offer tin can remakes and MIDI (computer-generated) robotic music, but at Nationwide Karaoke we personally seek out, listen to and review every song we add to our collection to insure it is the best version available.

Where Can I Find All the Music I Rented? As explained in the instructions, some music may be on separate song cards and/or in separate folders on each card. You simply click the "Menu" button twice to access a separate folder from the main menu/songlist, when applicable. Please, review the Nationwide Karaoke rental instructions in the label pouch on the box and/or contact us by phone and email through our Contact Us page for further assistance.

Please, review our Terms & Conditions for more information.

What Types of Payment Do You Accept? At Nationwide Karaoke we accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover or PayPal. You may select PayPal or the credit card option when you checkout. You will receive an email receipt when the payment is made.

Where Can I Pay My Deposit? The deposit is already included with your rental order when you add it to your cart. If needed, you may also pay your Nationwide Karaoke rental deposit by clicking this payment link or email us for assistance.

Please, review our Terms & Conditions for more information.


DELIVERY (Back to Search List)

Is the Rental Equipment Delivered? Yes! Nationwide Karaoke makes your life easier by providing round-trip delivery with our rentals. The return label is included in the label pouch on the outside of the box. Simply repackage the system in the same self-seal box, insert the return label addressed to us in the label pouch on the outside of the box and drop the boxed rental return off at your local FedEx staffed facility. Simple as that!

When Will the Rental Equipment Be Delivered? At Nationwide Karaoke we will make every effort to deliver our rental equipment the day before your event for FREE or the morning of the event date at the latest so that you have time to try it out, contact us with any questions, etc. If you want to guarantee arrival by the day before your event or sooner you can add Extra Days. Stress-free, guaranteed, round-trip 3 Day Express delivery is automatically included with your online order. If faster delivery is needed then the delivery speed will automatically be upgraded when shipped according to your event date. If your event is tomorrow and you order today (being Monday-Friday by 2pEST) then we will ship to arrive tomorrow in time for your event and we can even deliver on Saturdays, if needed. (And, remember, if you need to guarantee your rental arrives by a certain date prior to your event date or to keep your rental past the return due date, you can always add Extra Days in advance and SAVE!)

I Received the Rental Equipment Early? What Should I Do? At Nationwide Karaoke we strive to be generous with time when we can and sometimes will get our rental equipment to you a day or even a couple days prior to your event date FREE of charge! What should you do? ENJOY IT! If it's more than a couple days then you may want to review your order and make sure we have the correct event date for your event. Be sure to contact us immediately if you entered your event date incorrectly and/or unexpectedly received our rental equipment more than 5 days before your event date.

Review our Terms & Conditions for more information.

RETURN (Back to Search List)

When is the Rental Equipment Due for Return Shipment? Unless you have added post-rental Extra Days in advance, the rental equipment is due for return shipment the day following your event date (Monday-Saturday - Sunday returns may be returned for shipment on Monday, if necessary). Others rent to you by the hour but at Nationwide Karaoke we give you days for the one low price! So, for example, if your event is Friday the rental equipment is due for return shipment the following day on Saturday. If your event is on Saturday then your rental is due for return shipment two days later on Monday. You can visit www.FedEx.com and enter your zip code to view pick-up times and find the closest staffed FedEx Office Print & Ship Center where they can scan it and give you a receipt to verify that it was returned on time to ship on time.

Where is the Return Label? At Nationwide Karaoke we make returning the rental equipment easy by including a return label is in the label pouch on the outside of the box along with return instructions. If you lost it or cannot find it you may return the rental equipment to the same return address on the original label. If you cannot find our return address you may email us so we can email you the correct address.

How Should I Repackage My Rental?
At Nationwide Karaoke we make returning the rental equipment easy by providing you with a self-seal box and packaging materials. You simply open the box as directed and repackage it as received. Simple as that! (Please, review the return directions below and the Terms & Conditions for more information.)

RETURN OUR RENTAL EQUIPMENT ON TIME: Sounds simple, right? Unless you've purchased Extra Days (under "Karaoke Rental Accessories" on our home page), your rental is due for return shipment no later than the day (Monday-Saturday) following your event date. So, for example, if your event date is Friday make sure it is received for shipment no later than Saturday by a staffed FedEx facility (DO NOT SHIP FROM A DROP BOX!). Simply go to www.FedEx.com and enter your zip code to find the closest staffed facility. (A staffed facility can SCAN your package and give you a RECEIPT verifying you returned the rental on time to ship on time.) The day the rental return is received in time to ship is the day it was returned, so make sure your package is scanned in time to ship NO LATER THAN the due date for return. For example, if it is scanned AFTER the pick-up time for that location it will not ship until the next day meaning it was returned a day late. If we don't receive the rental return on time, we can't deliver it to the next customer on time. So, please, "do unto others" and return it on time. If it's late, then, please, kindly take responsibility for any late fees and try better next time. If you know you'll need Extra Days, be sure to order them in advance under "Karaoke Rental Accessories" on our home page.

REPACKAGE OUR RENTAL EQUIPMENT AS RECEIVED: Sounds simple, right? How would you like to receive the rental equipment? Then, please, "do unto others". At Nationwide Karaoke we send you our rental equipment padded, everything individually wrapped, the cords wrapped in wide loops, etc. Simply return it the same way and you'll be fine. This is electronic equipment, so, please, don't send it unpadded in the box or in just a FedEx pak or bag. When equipment is not adequately and separately padded it gets bounced around, banging against the other equipment and incurs outer and internal damage. This can have immediate and long term effects that dramatically shortens the life of the equipment. So, please, take a moment and pack it nicely the same way you received it. It will take you 5 minutes or less and you'll feel good about doing the right thing.


    • CLEAN IT: Did you get it dirty while you were using it? Please, take a moment with a sanitizing wipe and gently wipe it off. Simply wrap the wipe around the mic and cable and gently pull it through the cloth. Repeat twice in each direction, folding the wipe each time and being careful not to dangle the mic from the cable or let the mic slam on the floor. Make sure the mic remains resting on a table.

    • WRAP THE MICS and MIC CABLES SEPARATELY: The mics must be wrapped separately as sent to avoid damage banging together during shipment. It may seem convenient to wrap mic cables around microphones, but this actually damages them, greatly reduces the life of the equipment and makes it very difficult to unwind. The more the cable is crimped the more damage occurs, so, simply wrap them as you received them, in wide loops, ready to present to the next customer. Wrap each cable separately and package each mic separately. (Please, do not wrap the mic cables together or forget to wrap them and send us a bag of "cable spaghetti".) The following videos teach you how to properly wrap a mic cable. The "over/under" technique in the videos below is the BEST way to wrap a cable. (Our system cables have been wrapped a lot in this manner so please try to follow the natural shape they want to take and do not force them in a direction they don't want to go.)

      If the videos below do not appear in your browser then simply visit YouTube to see videos on "How to Wrap a Microphone Cable

    • RETURN IN the SAME BOX w/ORIGINAL PADDING (or similar): At Nationwide Karaoke we already provide you with the box and padding. Simply return it in the same box the same way you received it. If you no longer have the original padding and/or box, then make sure it is well padded and wrapped separately inside a protective box. We deliver it to you padded in a sturdy box so, please, do not return it in just a bag or FedEx pak. When you are shipping electronic equipment you want to make sure it is wrapped separately in protective padding in a protective box.

    • RETURN ALL EQUIPMENT: We send you instructions that include a packing list. Please, fill out the list and triple-check the list that everything is there both when you receive the rental equipment and when you re-pack it. Please, check off the list and return it, as received, along with the rental equipment, as received. Is the power cable in the box? Do you have all the song cards in there? Is the card holder(s) attached? Be sure everything is present and ready for the next customer.

Where Do I Return the Rental Equipment? Please, visit www.FedEx.com to find the closest staffed FedEx Office Print & Ship Center where you can take the padded and boxed rental return to ship on time, have it scanned and receive a receipt verifying the return was received on time to ship on time.

Review our Terms & Conditions for more information.

DEPOSIT (Back to Search List)

Why is There a Deposit? Like any equipment rental company, we have to make sure we get our equipment back on time and in the same condition so we can deliver it to the next customer. The deposit will be refunded in full (minus non-refundable processor fee) when returned on time in the same condition, as agreed in the Terms & Conditions.

When Will I Get My Deposit Back? In accordance with our Terms & Conditions, it generally takes 3 weeks on average to process your refund in the order it was received from the day we receive your return shipment. Please, know that we are working on processing each return as quickly as possible to get your deposit back to you in a timely manner. Please, do not contact us regarding your deposit as this only slows us down in processing it. Thank you! To learn more, please see our Terms & Conditions.

Why Were Processing Fees Deducted from My Deposit Refund? The payment gateway/payment processor (paypal, etc) charges a non-refundable payment fee. When your deposit is refunded, the payment processor does not refund the associated payment fee so it is deducted, accordingly. For example, for a typical $150 deposit refund the non-refundable merchant fee is usually around $5. To learn more, please see our Terms & Conditions.

Review our Terms & Conditions for more information.

RENTAL TIPS (Back to Search List)

Why Rent a System When I Can Buy One? That's Simple: You get the songs and the system without the hassle

You may be able to purchase a cheap karaoke system, but remember - you get what you pay for! Cheap systems sound cheap, die fast and become outdated even faster till they're nothing more than an old, embarrassing relic collecting dust in a corner of your home like most cheap-mart systems you see and all that before the party's even over!  Do you want your friends and family saying, "nice try" at having a karaoke party or do you want to have a karaoke party?! 

And, that's just the system itself! What about the music? You need special karaoke music where the words follow along on the screen! (And, at Nationwide Karaoke we even provide a Guide Vocal option for most songs, which no other company offers.) And, don't even think of trying the "voice removal" fakery on your mp3 collection unless you want the music to sound like R2-D2 in a tin can, not to mention it doesn't work - the vocals are still there! Empty promises! And any "FREE" karaoke music you find out there is going to sound just as cheesy - you're better off playing the music yourself on your Casio keyboard than singing along with those clunkers. Again, do you want them saying "nice try" or THAT ROCKED!...?  

So, you've got your cheapo system and now you're going to try to find good music for it. Ok. Imagine the tedious hours and dollars after dollars spent trying to get great karaoke music for your not-so-great system. (Keep in mind, we don't have to imagine any of this - karaoke is our life.) Now, instead of saving time and money, you're actually spending a whole lot more! And, we mean a whoooooole loooooot mooooore! You can forget any social life you once had because now all your once "FREE" time will now be spent adding hundreds if not thousands of songs to your new, soon to be forgotten, karaoke system. And, new songs are coming out literally every day! (Why do you think so many karaoke companies have come and gone - because they couldn't keep up with the never-ending plethora of music coming out every second.) How do you expect to keep up with them all? We're talking a daily investment of your time and energy adding up to thousands upon thousands of dollars! And, all this for a system you may use a few times a year, if that. Not to mention the learning curve of using the equipment and getting it up to speed, i.e. programming, software, converting song formats, hardware, etc, etc, etc (trust us: this alone is a nightmare you may never wake up from!) And, technology is constantly changing. What happens after you've done all this hard work only to find your brand new system has quickly become last year's lemon, is out of date and now you need to start all over again? Then what?

At Nationwide Karaoke, we are always on the cutting edge offering the latest equipment in karaoke systems that we have pre-screened and tested to be the most user-friendly and easy to use. All our songs are pre-loaded for you in the system - no countless CDs to shuffle through trying to find the one song you want to sing and slowing down the party. You just select the song you want on screen and press play - it's that simple! And, we're always adding new songs to our catalog and can even instantly add the songs you want, even if they're not currently in our catalog - something we do that other companies won't, which equals less time and money you have to spend trying to track down the songs you want!  

Renting from Nationwide Karaoke avoids getting stuck with last year's lemon of a system and trying impossibly to acquire a a never-ending and ever-growing mountain of karaoke music, all of which you will never possibly attain! Just ask us, we're IN the karaoke business and we're always adding songs to our catalog DAILY for our customers! Why go through the never-ending, laborious hassle and stress of dealing with all of the karaoke madness when we can do it for you? We spend every day doing it and are experts at it! So, instead of you spending a fortune, the better part of your life and driving yourself crazy in the process trying to be the karaoke guru, let us take care of all your karaoke needs and give you peace of mind for a mere fraction of the cost. Financially, mentally, physically, emotionally, psychologically - you name it - Nationwide Karaoke is the best choice you can make!

Where are the Instructions? The instructions are in the label pouch on the outside of the box along with the return label.

Where Can Find the Music I Rented? All of your music is pre-loaded and you just need to access it as explained in the instructions. With our standard rental your requested music will normally be in separate folders on the last song card or the card that is pre-loaded in the machine (if there is only one card). When you insert the card or turn on the machine you will only see one collection. Just press the "Menu" button twice from the first screen to access each additional collection. Learn more in the instructions and you may contact us for further assistance.

Where Can I Find the Song List for Each Song Collection? The song lists will always appear on your TV or monitor screen and our most popular collections have a link for the song list underneath them that opens a songlist spreadsheet that can be viewed in Microsoft Excel, Open Office (FREE to download) or any compatible spreadsheet program. If you don't see a song list link that means you can get that collection for FREE if you provide us with an accurate song list for it in our format. Click here to learn more.

What If My Event is Outside? No problem. People use our rentals outside all the time. You will want to protect it as you would any electronic equipment you use outdoors.

Review our Terms & Conditions for more information.


Have a Question You Didn't See Here? Send It To Us and We'll Get You the Answer You Need!

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